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* Name: Taisho Bee (This is proper Japanese format. Her first name is Bee.)
* Age: 4 years old in the start. Currently 5 (demon) years
* Sex: Female
* Hair: Silver, short, naturally messy and fluffy
* Eyes: Gold
* Weapons: Ren'Ai (sword)
* DOB: December 25, 1491
* Species: Half dog demon/Half human
* Attacks: Kizu no Kokoro, Naifu Tu za Hato, Martial Arts (Gentle Fist)

        :: Physical appearance ::

    Bee is 36 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. She has fangs in her mouth and long claws on each hand and both feet. Bee has semi-rounded little dog-ears on top of her head. Bee's golden eyes have slitted pupils.

        :: Personality ::

Bee is a kind, friendly little girl who was once a terrified abused hanyou. Because she was never allowed to speak, She has her own language and uses her name in place of "I" or "me". She also has her own word for "thank you" and says "domi" instead of "domo arigatou".

Her development mentally isn't at a normal 4-5 year old range just yet, but she is in no way "slow" or "retarded".

She is polite and usually remembers manners. She is sweet, can be short tempered, loving, trusting and a little gullible and tender hearted.

You can tell Bee's mood not only by her body language and expression, but by the way she holds her ears. If angered and she is still in normal form, (hanyou) her hair raises like a dog's hackles.

        :: Allergies ::

Bees, Mushrooms

        :: Usual Attire ::

Two layer lavender Kimono with shamrock design, matching white pants (also has shamrock design). Her sash matches the first layer Kimono, Red rosary around the neck, (See Notes on it below). She NEVER removes this and has had it since birth.

On special occasions, Bee wears a Jinbei which has the same shamrock design as her kimono. It is similar to the clothes Chihiro wears in Spirited Away. Underneath the top is another layer, which is a short sleeved kimono. (hence the dark area at her hip, where it shows underneath her hakama. It is plain, dark purple.

Bee's original kimono from the beginning of the story - (ref below) Kokoro did her best to take care of the little girl, even fitting a teenage girl's kimono to the then 2 year old, making special ties to hold it closed around her little body. The kimono was an orange-ish color with a flower pattern.

        :: Modern Wardrobe ::

At night, she usually wears a footed sleeper that is lavender and has an interlaced moon design. They have dark purple souls. The zipper pull is shaped like an upside down heart.

Bee likes wearing her yellow overalls with the flower and bumblebee designs. She always wears a plain light purple T-shirt underneath. It is the same shade as her under kimono. (Seen in the ref photo.)

In the winter, Bee wears a yellow jacket that has a soft, furry collar and a yellow removable hood. The sleeve cuffs also have this fur. The trimming of the jacket's zipper cover area is dark green and matches her hat stripe. The hat she wears was made by her daddy and is special made so that it will not hurt or flatten her ears, it is red with a green stripe. It has side flaps and green strings for tying it under her chin. Daddy also made the same hat for the same reasons, for Inuyasha. She also wears mittens which have a dark blueish purple heart on the top. The palms are the same color of the heart while the rest is the same color as her dark purple kimono. Her feet are always clad in snow boots. The last part of this outfit is a purple scarf with random sized shamrocks, the same purple as her outer kimono.

        :: Bee's Rosary ::

The rosary is red due to the fact that inside them is Bee's mother's blood, taken from her just after Bee was born. Bee's aunt put the afterbirth into the rosary and used them along with her own miko power to hide Bee without the little girl even knowing. When her aunt Kokoro died, Bee's cover died along with her.

The rosary is completely different from Inuyasha's old purple ones. (Which he currently no longer has in Y&L.)

Bee’s mother's spirit resides inside the beads and when Bee's life is in danger, the rosary and Ren'Ai can become one to save or defend her. The beads can also be used as an attack when needed.

        :: Transformations ::

1. Demonic Puppy - Bee can transform into a demonic dog like her brothers and daddy. The reason she can do this is unknown.

In her dog form, Bee’s fur is black with a Red Crescent moon on her forehead and matching red stripes on her face beneath her eyes and across her ‘wrists’ of her front legs. These markings are faintly visible when she is in humanoid form as well. When she feels threatened, her drool creates fire.

2. Enraged Demon - If angered or cornered with no way out, Bee has the possibility of going into an enraged form where she wants to kill anyone and everything in her path. Bee is NOT prone to this as her brother Inuyasha and would go into her dog form before this could happen. The bloody transformation would ONLY happen if she were to be on her death bed while in her dog form, or if she were hurt bad enough during her dog form that would cause her to go back into hanyou form.

3. New Moon / Human - The new moon makes Bee transform into her human form in which she looses all of her power (although Ren’Ai still works), fangs, claws and dog ears. She looks exactly human with her hair black with brown being the highlight, ears pointed like her daddy and dark brown eyes like her mommy. Her skin also has freckles.

        :: Ren'Ai ::

Normal - Bee’s sword is forged from one of her daddy’s fangs and in its normal state the sword looks harmless, the straight blade silver in color, the handle brown. Flames begin below the grip, surrounding the red heart at the butt of the hilt. The grip itself is wrapped by a dusted-rose colored cord and is carried in a special scabbard on Bee’s back. The sheath is black with desert-rose colored trim. The scabbard belt is the same dusted-rose color and is designed to match her Kimono's shamrock pattern.

Transformed - The sword takes on a completely new form. The silver blade is curved like a saber. Near the guard the blade is cut out. The guard is two white fangs arching downwards. The handle is brown, roaring flames are at the bottom and surround a heart shape broken in half at the end of the sword, with crimson ribbons at the end of each half, blue tears tied to the ends.

* The main attack used by Ren’Ai, Kizu no Kokoro (Wound of the Heart), is visualized by different color aura, the color depending on Bee’s emotional state at the time. The energy resembles fire and in one stroke will obliterate anything in its path, burning it to ashes.

* The sword gets its power from Bee’s emotions, hence the name. The more angered, sad, depressed ECT that Bee becomes, Ren’Ai grows in power.

* The sword also has the ability to heal someone, but only if Bee wants it. It cannot be forced. (More on this below under 'Other'.)

* Ren’Ai also works using Bee’s life force meaning that if she would die, the sword would too.

* Ren’Ai, unlike the Tetsusaiga, CAN be used as normal in Bee’s human form although it would drain her life force drastically.

* It also has the ability to calm Bee when she is upset. (Ex. when she thought she had killed Sesshoumaru.)

* Bee and her sword are one and should it get knocked away, it will come back to Bee’s hand.

* The sword CANNOT be handled by anyone such as Kikyou and WILL NOT transform for anyone but Bee.

        :: Attacks ::

Bee has been trained by her father and brothers in swordsmanship and hand to hand combat, martial arts. Although she’s a child, she has been taught to make her attacks very painful, aka 'gentle fist'.

The Naifu tu za Harto (Knife to the Heart) is an energy-based attack that sends dagger shaped blasts flying at the opponent. This attack can also be combined with her claws extended and used like knives on a string, throw them at the opponent and stab them, then yanking it back.

She has once used her brother's Sankontessu but never again.

        :: Likes ::

Being with Sesshoumaru, Shrimp ramen, Cherry Coke, Reese’s candy, Veggie Egg rolls, apricots, daddy's Ramen susu, the smell of bay leaves, flowers, drawing and braiding her daddy or big brother’s long hair. She loves the colors purple, yellow, blue and red, Sesshoumaru singing to her, most notably the song ‘Angel’ by Aerosmith. The TV show Blue’s Clues which she gets Sesshoumaru to watch and sometimes dance around to, riding her demon horse Yuki, playing games with Inuyasha, spending time with Kiratsu (Bee looks at Kiratsu like a mommy, while she sees Kagura as a big sister.)

        :: Dislikes ::

Being away from Sesshoumaru, curry, the thought of her daddy or big brothers with short hair, wearing shoes or winter boots (because they make her fall down and hurt her nose), killing, judgmental people, being spanked, seeing someone she loves get hurt, Kikyou, her ‘monster’ Abruna, anything sticking to the soles of her feet. Crunchy or Crispy eggs of any kind, Celery.

        :: Fears ::

Her ‘monster’ Abruna, Spiders and bugs, loosing Sesshoumaru, being alone, the orange stingy goo daddy uses on her owies, her daddy going away forever, ‘the baboon man’ (Naraku), Her own enraged demon form, when she wanders away alone unable to stop herself.

        :: Parents and Family ::

Father - Kisakata (aka Inunotaisho) - Full Dog Demon (Dai Yokai), Bee’s father is the lord of the western lands known to many as Inunotaishou. His name in this story is Kisakata. He is 'my version' which isn't canon to the series/manga/movies ect.

Inuyasha, Bee and Sesshoumaru all get their hair and eye color from Kisakata, his silver and usually kept in a high tail on top of his head. He has dark red chopsticks in his hair and bangs that part in the middle, going to about the red stripe markings above his eyes. He has a jagged blue stripe underneath each eye and two more on each wrist, his fingers and toes bare long claws. Usually dressed in white and blue, his Kimono has light blue crescent moons with a dark blue background. The trim around each background matches the moons. His under kimono is a dark red, the same goes for his sash, though the sash has blue waves along the bottom. He wears shoes like Sesshoumaru. While he still has his armor that everyone is used to seeing him wear, he rarely dons it in Y&L.

Sometimes known to (when dressed modernly) wear a hoodie or different T-shirts and sometimes overalls or coveralls. He likes his orange and yellow 'Orange Lightning' long sleeved shirt.

He is a wonderful and protective father who loves his children dearly and regrets not being alive to be there for Inuyasha and Bee. He’s happy finally getting to be a ‘stay at home dad’ although he won’t hesitate to don his armor to go into battle at a moment’s notice. Kisakata’s anger is very rarely seen, as it is hard to annoy him to the boiling point. Kisakata is a happy-go-lucky kind of demon but he will slaughter any one who dares to mess with his kids or family.

When he first met Bee’s mother, he had been injured and had collapsed near the stream where Hachimatsu came for water. He was about to remove his kimono as she came into the clearing, embarrassing him a little bit, though he didn't understand why. She wasn’t afraid of him even though she knew he was a demon, his humanoid form didn’t fool her. He growled at her in warning and she poured water over his head, telling him to put his growls away and to settle down. He didn’t know what to make of her but allowed her to tend to his wounds. From then on he would come to see her faking (painfully obvious) injuries or being sick just to be close to her. Needless to say, Hachimatsu became pregnant and Kisakata was so proud. He couldn’t wait to see his baby and went looking for his little girl once she was born but no one would tell him what had become of ‘the bastard hanyou child.’ He wouldn’t get a chance until being brought back to life when his little girl was four demon years old.

Together the kids forge a sword for their father, called Kyoudai. It is named as such, it means 'siblings'.

Mother - Hachimatsu Kusatsu - A normal human woman with the gift of healing, with blue eyes and long black hair, usually kept in a braid wrapped in red rosarywhich would later become Bee's most prized possession). Hachimatsu was usually seen wearing the normal white and red Kimono and Hakama of the miko.

She would later begin to wear a special outfit called a Haikarasan which has a 3 layer kimono set, it layers like this:

The first layer is closest to the skin and is plain white.
The second layer goes over the white, and is dark purple.
The third layer is yellow in color and has the special motif.

The motif includes a tree branch with a dark blue branch and leaves, purple bee hive and flying bees, a brown dragonfly and brown, yellow and light purple flowers. These things all represent specific things: Kokoro (her sister), Bee (her future child), Kisakata (Bee's father) and herself. The colors also tie into Kisakata, Bee and Kokoro.

There is an dark purple Obi at her waist. It does not have a bow in the back and is held closed by a cord which isn't normally seen. It's important to note that this obi is worn UNDERNEATH her hakama. Her hakama pants are gradient red to black and are unsinched. The sash with a bow turned off to the side.

She died during childbirth and Bee never got to know her.

Hachimatsu was a miko who cared for everyone, human and demon alike, she never had a bad experience either way and was known for her willingness to care for hurt, sick or poisoned, no matter the race or breed. She always went by the strict yet unspoken word of the miko, which meant you never did harm to anyone else unless it were self defense.

Hachimatsu had one sister, named Kokoro, who raised Bee from infancy and protected the little girl until her death when she lost her battle with a fatal but still unknown illness. The girls also have a brother who was banished from the village and his whereabouts is unknown.

Hachimatsu knew of her husband's prior 'affairs' but loved him anyway, and did not expect him to leave the other women. She was not one to judge even this sort of behavior as she also knew he loved them all dearly. She knew of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru but never had the chance to meet the boys.

She welded a weapon, a staff. It could be used for protection or to heal.

Aunt - Kokoro Kusatsu - (deceased) Hachimatsu's older sister both delivered Bee and raised her until her death. Bee and Kokoro were very close. Kokoro treated Bee as though she weren't any different then any of the other children and was very protective of her, often yelling at villagers who were ignorant and rude to Bee being only half human.

Kokoro was a kind woman who wasn't even 30 when she died. Kokoro made sure to tell Bee all about her mama. She is the one who named Bee and protected the hanyou from harm until her death. Kokoro didn't know about the abuse Bee was enduring right away, but when she learned of it, she banished Bee's monster using her ability as a Miko.

Kokoro was a normal woman who was an oddball who didn't wear the traditional red and white clothes, preferring brown hakama and light tan kimonos. Her main (outer) kimono had a dragonfly pattern, the dragonflies were silver.

Kokoro has dark brown hair, wavy and messy, like dark chocolate candy. She has crystal green eyes and stood 5 feet tall.

She didn't have any supernatural powers and was a normal human aside from having the same talent of healing others. Kokoro never used a weapon but could use the basic bow, while she did not like to.

She is the one who taught Bee a little bit about fixing 'owies' and attempted to teach Bee to speak.

        :: Other ::

Bee is able to cure purification poisoning and can completely rid a demon/hanyou of all purification if she chooses, due to the fact that she has half miko blood from her mother. The downside is that she is burned severely in the victim’s place. All attacks made by a miko bent on killing her have no effect on her or Ren’Ai.

Bee can also use Ren'Ai to heal injuries as long as Bee cares for the person and she’s not doing it for herself. She cannot be forced to heal, since her emotions control the sword, she has to want to do it. She has been known to do so on more than one occasion. If someone attempts to interfere during this, Ren'Ai will protect itself by knocking them away. When used for this purpose, The blue blade grows so bright it hurts to look at it. While it is doing the job, there is a feeling warmth though out the body and there is no feeling of pain and has a calming sensation. It does not stop until the person is fully healed.

Bee shares a very rarely heard of mental link with her brother Sesshoumaru. This link is used for communication. Each can hear the other’s thoughts and feel the other’s emotions, pain, Ect.